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We provide a prepaid card based service to give you a simple and convenient solution for your finances.

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Prepaid card

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Virtual prepaid card

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Peak Prepaid card

  • Virtual and plastic embossed Mastercard with Paypass function
  • Available in EUR and HUF
  • Withdraw cash or reload card anywhere anytim
  • Not linked to any bank account or bank

Prepaid cards look like and operate like traditional bank cards. The main difference is that prepaid card is an e-money based payment instrument which is not linked directly to a bank account and essential to get loaded with funds before usage.

Amongst the lot of advantages of prepaid cards spend control is the most engaging one as you can always control your expenses and spending by using previously uploaded funds. This provides you security for online purchases and while traveling.

Bankout transfer

  • In addition of using your prepaid card you can initiate outgoing bank transfers
  • Available from Q1 2019 for HUF
  • To be available from late 2020 for EUR

Apart from using your prepaid card to purchase goods and services and withdraw cash, we provide you the opportunity to initiate bankout transfers.

We have created a user-friendly solution so you can transfer out money from your mobile app with just a few taps.

Peak Insurance

  • Buy your insurance online right away
  • Tailor-made solutions and competitive quotes

We have started to develop new insurance products by using the benefits of digitalization. Our insurance portfolio is under development and will be launched soon with features like on-demand travel and luggage insurance, online car and gadget insurance.

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Peak Mobile App


Our brand new mobile app was released in Q1 2019. By using the most innovative technologies we provide you an application where you can manage all your finances easily. Via Marketplace m-commerce platform diverse services and products are available for you.

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Our philosophy

Is a better future

Our goal has always been to create an economically developing environmental and livable future. We work hard to offer you great products and services.

Our educational project

We have started an extensive fintech education campaign

We have started a large scale educational campaign on January 2018 via social media channels in the CEE region. Produced and published contents such as animations, videos and infographs. We aimed to reach people who never heard about fintech before and we are keep going on this track.

More trees, less paper

We are working in a green environment and protecting it

In the summer of 2018 we have moved to a new office. We were longing for working in a green environment and found a calm and relaxing place where we are surrounded by trees and birds chirping and singing rather than traffic jams. In our every day routine we are avoiding to use paper while creating great things for our customers.

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